Ancestry of My Family
Ancestry of My Family
Ancestry of My Family

Ancestry of My Family

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Go back in time up to the 10th generation with this fill-in-the-blank genealogy book. The perfect companion to start or introduce your genealogical research, with a lot of information per ancestor and in a perfect format to take it with you everywhere!

First part of the book (Generations 1 to 6)

Each ancestor has a detailed personal record on his own page. The couples, placed side by side, have a common part in a gray box, regrouping their marital status and their children.

Each personal record allows you to enter a large amount of information on the ancestor but also on his children and his brothers and sisters.

Second part of the book (Generations 7 to 10)

The second part of the book allows you to continue your ascending genealogy up to the 10th generation, in the form of extensions, as on a vertical family tree.

Each page number corresponds to one of the ancestors of the 7th generation and their ascendants.

The benefits

Thanks to its 6x9" format, the book can be taken everywhere with you without taking up too much space. Practical for your travels!

A small family tree with Sosa numbers is present at the bottom of each individual page, allowing you to quickly locate the ancestor.