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The Generama is a fillable family tree allowing the presentation of a direct ascending genealogy over 10 complete generations.

The first 5 generations are presented one above the other on the base of the tree. At the 5th generation, the ancestry continues on individual sheets which complete the family tree until the 10th generation. There are as many sheets as there are members of the 5th generation (8 sheets on the paternal side and as many on the maternal side).

Folded size: 11" x 15"
Unfolded size: 30" x 22.5"

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Well designed

Perfect readability thanks to its unfoldable upper sheets, allowing a horizontal presentation.

Large cells

Write information like first and last names, dates and places for birth, union and death.

1023 ancestors

Present your family genealogy over 10 ascending generations, through 1023 cells.